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"Live the dream in the Kitchen you always wanted, by Crosley"

Reading the wikipedia entry about this Mr. Crosley makes me wonder why these aren't more collectible by name alone. That enterpreneur did so many notable things, he even founded a subdivision in Florida called Sea Gate, that was the first residence built in Florida using fireproof steel frame construction that provided protection against hurricanes. And how cool does this sound?- "The cross-axis design and a circular tower that contains a second-story teak-lined study with metal oculi are significant elements of the house...." I would love to see that metal oculi.

So many brands of metal kitchen cabinets, all coveted, are frequently a subject over at Retro Renovation, but it seems everyone puts the premium on vintage St. Charles steel beauties. I suppose there are 75 brands documented she says, but I've only seen about 4 different ones in Tucson lately. Or "no names", at least that I ever noticed on the small sink cabinets that were always in my college apartments and historic homes in West University Nabe...

Anyway, I have some similar to pictured here, mainly featuring the same space reserved for cookbooks over the stove as you see here. They are for sale on eBay right now, and there is a preview day in person on 2/21, this Friday from 1-2:30 if you want a peek. I have horrible photos I took with my Ipad before pulling them out of an old abandoned house. I thought I was going to use them, but turns out i'm not, therefor the lack of documentation on size and quantity! let me know if you're interested, you can search for them on ebay, and send me your name and number by email so i can give you the address to preview them. Thanks!


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