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I'd like to share some really nice quotes and things satisfied customers have said...  Thanks to all the awesome people I get to meet doing this work, I absolutely love my job.  Make new friends all the time.....


If you'd like your thoughts (okay your accolades) about me shared here, please send me an email, or post on my Yelp page!  and I'll re-post here...thanks!




Michelle Hotchkiss, REALTOR with RE/MAX Results was voted the "Best Real Estate Agent" in 2014 Tucson Weekly's "Best Of" issue by readers!

"Buying a house can be a stressful experience, but no one is better at making it a fun-filled adventure than the dazzling Michelle Hotchkiss. She has a sharp eye for one-of-a-kind properties, particularly of the mid-century-modern vintage, and can connect your family with whatever you need. When it comes to navigating the multiple listings, Michelle is the agent of amazement, the fashion plate of real estate, the ayatollah of rock 'n' rolla."



Kathryn P. "Michelle is awesome....just awesome. She is such an incredible source of knowledge for Tucson and her energy and fight are contagious. She is professional and efficient and absolutely wonderful at what she does!"


Dave T. "Not only did I find my dream home here, and thanks to Michelle's efforts, but I gain valuable insights into the community and great tips and learnings about the MCM lifestyle!"


Paul R. "Michelle found us our dream home, and was very helpful throughout the entire process!"


Naomi R. "Michelle is a fabulous agent and a lovely person to work with! She found us an amazing MCM home in a gorgeous historic neighborhood and helped us negotiate a fabulous price. I would recommend her to anyone. She is especially skilled at finding unique, mid-century homes and usually gets the best MCM listings before other agents so I think working with her really gave us an advantage!"


Tim N. "The Atomic Tucson page is awesome. It's always great to see what is available in Tucson that is specific to my taste in Mid Century homes. Michelle is a great realtor to work with and knows exactly what I am looking for and what will interest me."


Kathleen B. "When you meet Michelle, you'll be struck by her boundless enthusiasm. Her passion for her job is obvious, and her compassion for her clients is equally so. Michelle was concerned with selling us not just any home, but the right home. In fact, we were inches away from buying one house when Michelle advised us to see another one that had just popped up on the market. This other house was a short sale going for a lot less money, so it was much less of a sure bet (and would result in a smaller commission) than the privately listed home we were considering. I'm so grateful that she encouraged us to see this one other house, "just to be sure." The other house ended up being a better fit for us, and it's the one we're living in today. Not only did we come away with a better house in a quieter neighborhood, we were also able to save a lot of money in the process (and getting it for $10,000 under the appraised value was an added bonus!). Driven more by your satisfaction than her commission, Michelle will do whatever it takes to see you happy in your new home."  


Racheal R. "My husband and I have worked with Michelle both as buyers and sellers. She is amazing! Michelle brings enthusiasm and knowledge of houses on the market and a gregarious personality as well. When we started looking for a house, we contacted several real estate agents, and Michelle out shined the others with her professionalism and personality. She also was the agent who was most in line with our budget and our aesthetics. We have already recommended her to family and friends, and would use her services again in a heartbeat."


Erich O.  "I was already looking for properties through a realtor recommended by my parents, and all the properties sucked. I thought I was being clear about what we wanted, but that realtor just didn't get us. I randomly Googled "Atomic Tucson", and up popped Michelle. I contacted her, and soon she was finding us mid century properties all over town. What we closed on was perfect. She's the best. We love Michelle. We got our home for $16,000 under the appraised value. She's a nice person to deal with. Knowledgeable. Enthusiastic. Knows MCM homes, neighborhoods, knows her local famous architects. If you're in Tucson, and want a Mid Century Modern home in a nice neighborhood, she's the agent for you. Extremely satisfied. "


David R.  "Michelle bent over backwards helping me and my WWII vet father find a house in Tucson! She is very patient as we were looking at property online from Portland OR and took so many great photos and even video for us. She is very honest and dependable. If you looking for a special house Michelle will find it! Plus she will find it before anyone even knows it is going to be on the market. She helped me find my dream house."


Stacey R.  "When Michelle sold my house for me, she made what could have been a stressful experience interesting and fun. Her upbeat attitude and impeccable work ethic are wonderful, but the best part of working with Michelle is that she’s a real person, with a sense of humor and smart opinions about real estate, architecture, and the market. I could totally relate to her! I’m also awed by her eye for design—I love to check out her website to see the unique gems she’s unearthed on the Tucson market. Michelle is just cool."





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