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My trip to Palm Springs for Modernism Week!

We met and got to spend time with so many new friends via our pal Charles Phoenix, who if you haven't had a chance to catch one of his super fab slide shows, he should be back this Fall for Tucson's moderism week. Anyhow, PS Mod Week was AMAZING!

I'm a die-hard and paid for and went on as many home tours as I could. Loved it ALL.

Took tons of shapshots to share with you with my iphone, still editing, but click to go to my flickr page!

Can't wait to go back again and again, for mod week or not...fabulous time, immersed in dreamy mcm architecture, and learned so much! I hope you will be inspired too when you get to see the decor of all the places I toured. We can't all run out and buy a place in PS, but it would be nice to have more nods to some of the estates I saw in NEW Architecture here!

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